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Build Relationships Faster

Let us show you what InfluencedApp can do for your business. Schedule a quick 15 minute call to learn more.

What you get
Over 10,000 influencers waiting for your work
Easy management of your campaigns and resources
Ability to import your own database
Help in setting up your agency's workspace
Continual support via scheduled video calls or online chat
Step-by-Step tutorial on how to use the system

Active social media followers

We have a team of 15 outreachers who update the network with new websites every month. This in turn creates a large, current database of dedicated bloggers. Choose from around 7,000 websites, all pre-checked and with up-to-date contacts.

Page views = Ad views

As the result of many social followers and interesting content, the influencer websites receive a large volume of page views daily, weekly, monthly. This puts your advert in the path of your target audience every time.

Each ad campaign is bespoke

Different clients have different requirements and different budgets. We'll listen to what you need, who you want to reach, what results you want to achieve and how much you have to spend to make it happen. We will then offer you a varied selection of options to help your campaign get started in the best possible way.

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