Getting started with InfluencedApp

When you become our client we create an Account and Company for you.

Name: James
Company: YourAgency

Later you can edit or add new information about you or your company in "Profile Manager'.

Your next step is to create Users (see 'Role Manager' and 'How to add new users').

Our system has its own Managers and Users:

  1. Managers have a full access to the database and can distribute tasks among users, generate reports and add clients.
  2. Users have access to only their own database of websites, can add new ones and view tasks appointed to them by Manager.

Please note that only Manager can create new Users.

Log in to the system, click on your profile to get to your Account.
In the resulting window click the 'Users' page

Click PLUS sign. In the opened field of all existing Users.

In the resulting window insert information about new User and set his function. Then click 'Save'.

Next step, that needs to be done before starting to work with the system and sending emails to influencers, is that Users should configure the emails they want to work with:

Click 'Edit' next to 'Mail Merge'.

Fill in all fields in the resulting window. Click 'Save'.

Now you are ready to send emails directly from the software.

After you have added the users and set their function it's time to add Clients (see 'How to add clients'). Choose the 'Clients' page on the left panel.

In the resulting window click PLUS sign and insert the name of your Client (for example, Microsoft) and link to the website (for example, Click 'Save' and now you can distribute tasks for link building.

You can also import your database of bloggers (see 'How to import websites in database') which will be available only within your Company.

When you have Clients you are ready to schedule Tasks. All you have to do is select a list of websites (see 'How to create tasks') and by clicking 'Play' your Tasks will be automatically distributed between Users.