How to create a client

Log in to the system, click on your profile to get to your Account. Then choose the 'Clients' page on the left panel.

In the resulting window click PLUS sign and insert the name of your Client (for example, Microsoft) and link to the website (for example, Microsoft.com). Click 'SAVE' and now you can distribute tasks for link building.

Tasks list

Tasks list is a page where users can view appointed tasks along with a list of websites that they should get in contact with.

Tasks list consists of four tabs:

  1. Outstanding tasks - Users can see only their tasks.
  2. Cant Complete - Perhaps one particular webmaster has refused to cooperate for any reason (specify in Notes) and this task will be marked as "cant complete"
  3. Errors - The 'Errors' tab is intended for deleted links or toxic websites.
  4. All - This tab allows you to view all tasks.

How to create tasks

Perhaps you already have a Client and want to create an individual Campaign. Simply click 'Campaigns' on the top panel and go to a new page.

Click PLUS sign to create a new Campaign.

Enter the name of your Company (for example, Xbox ONE) in the field and choose which Client it will be related to (for example, Microsoft). Then click 'SAVE'.

After the Campaign is created, click on its title, and a new window will suggest you to remove it or to add new websites.

Click Plus sign and go to the Sites page. Apply one of the filters (see 'How to work with filters'). Tick off the websites you want to work with and click 'Add to Campaign'.

All selected websites are then linked to your Campaign and the responsible User will receive a notification.

There are two ways to add websites to the campaign:

Way 1.
Log in to the system and go to the 'Sites' page.

Select the websites you want to add to your campaign and click 'Add to Campaign'.
In the resulting window choose the campaign you want to add the websites to and click 'Save'.

Way 2.
Log in to the system and go to the 'Campaigns' page.

Choose the campaign you want to add websites to by clicking on it.
In the resulting window click PLUS sign.

You will be redirected to the 'Sites' page where you could select the suitable websites.

This function is available only for those who have assigned tasks. When the task is done, go to the 'Tasks' page.

Choose the website where you have posted the link and click on it. In the resulting window you can insert the link, specify the price and leave a comment (if needed). If, for some reason, you couldn't come to an agreement with a blogger check mark on 'Can't Resolve'. Click 'Save' and it will be automatically redirected to the manager of the Campaign.

How to generate a summary report

Log in to the system and go to the 'Campaigns' page.

Find the Campaign for which you want to generate a report. Click 'Generate a report' and save it.