Tags & Filters

How to add tags

Log in to the system, click on your profile to get to your Account.

Choose the 'Tags' page in the left menu.

Insert the necessary Tag in the field and click 'Add'.

Now you can use the new Tag in configuration of websites.

How to work with filters

Our filters enable you to simply select the websites for different campaigns. In order to filter the websites by niche, price or currency click 'Filters' on the 'Sites' page.

Find the filter that you need in the opened menu.

Then click 'Add' and you will see the selected filter. The following filters are available:

  • PR - from 0 to 10
  • Tag - using TAGS you can select the websites by niche (If you need more than one, just add one more tag in the same way)
  • Indexed - minimum number of indexed pages by Google
  • MozRank - minimum desired MozRank
  • DA - minimum desired Domain Authority
  • Price - you can filter the websites by price according to your budget.

PR, Indexed, MozRank, DA and Price have the following filtering options:
  • Equal to
  • Not Equal to
  • Less than
  • Higher than the index you have selected.

After selecting all necessary filters click 'Apply' and you will get the websites matched to your requirements. If you have decided not to use any of the Filters simply click 'X'.