Seo Metrics & BackLinks Auditor

Seo Metrics

Each Link Builder or Outreacher should always check websites' metrics to avoid stale data and use only up-to-date information. Our system which automatically checks for updates is the best option for achieving this.

The 'Sites' page allows you to overview the following metrics: PR, Index, DA and MozRank which are the most important in choosing websites for collaboration. In addition, you can filter websites by any ascending or descending metric by clicking its column.

BackLinks Auditor

We have developed a smart system that can help you to identify damaged websites or problematic links and sort them out.

BackLinks Auditor is used to monitor:

  • - Drop in PageRank
  • - Drop in number of indexed pages
  • - Drop in Domain Authority
  • - Websites which do not work
  • - Link removal from the ordered articles
  • - Nofollow attribute in the articles

If one of the listed problems occurs, the row of the damaged website will be highlighted in yellow on the 'Sites' page in order to draw your attention. Moreover, when you add a new website with bad metrics to the database, our system will notify you about that.

BackLinks Auditor works to check each and every website in our database, once every 2 weeks. You will receive an e-mail notification about websites that dropped in metrics after Google update. In addition, the websites' rows will be highlighted.

If one of the links ordered by you becomes NOFOLLOW or is REMOVED you will receive a notification with a warning.