Profile Manager

'Profile Manager' contains information about you and your company. Here you can create new projects, email templates and add users. In order to get to Profile Manager click on your name at the top right corner of the screen. A new window opens with the following options in the side menu.

  • Account - information about you: Name, Email, Password
  • Company - information about your Company
  • Email templates - the ability to create and edit your own Email Templates
  • Users - here you can view and add new Users to your Company
  • Tags - a list of all tags with the ability to add new ones
  • Clients - a list of clients of your Company

How to add new users

Please note that only Manager can create new Users. Log in to the system, click on your profile to get to your Account. In the resulting window click the 'Users' page and click PLUS sign in the opened field of all existing Users.

In the resulting window insert information about new User and set his function. Then click 'SAVE'.

How to change website owners

Sometimes you have to assign a website to another User for various reasons. Log in to the system and go to the 'Sites' page and mark the websites you want to assign to another User.

Click 'Change Owner' and choose the needed User in the resulting window.

Role Manager

Our system has its own Managers and Users
Managers have a full access to the database and can distribute tasks among users, generate reports and add clients.
Users have access to only their own database of websites, can add new ones and view tasks appointed to them by Manager.