How to add mail

Before starting to work with the system and sending emails to influencers User should configure the email he/she wants to work with.
Go to 'Profile Manager'.

Click 'Edit' next to 'Mail Merge'.

In the resulting window fill in all fields.

Click 'SAVE'.
Now you are ready to send emails directly from the software.

Email Templates

While working with influencers you will often need to send a lot of emails and mostly they would have to be alike. To make it easier for you we have added an email template option.

To create a template log in to the system, click on your profile to get to your Account.
Then choose 'Email Templates' in the left menu.

In the resulting window create your new template:
Name - Name of the sender
Subject - Subject of the email
Body - The email itself

The system is made so that the name of the blogger and website you send the email to are added automatically. All you have to do is add Tokens:


Hello {bloger_name}.
My name is {my_name} and i am working for {my_company}. We really liked your site - {bloger_url} and we would like to post our article there.
Please let us know your thoughts about it.
Thanks in advance!

Then click 'Save' and the template is ready for work.

How to send emails from the InfluencedApp

Once you have created the Task and clicked 'Play' your assignment will be displayed in the 'Tasks' tab for those Users who have added the selected websites to the database.

In order not to contact every influencer separately simply mark the websites in your Task and click on the 'Send Mail' icon.

In the opened window you need to choose or create the Email Template. Then click 'Send' and all selected influencers will receive your email. You just have to wait for their response.