Database of blogs

Spend less time searching for high quality websites for your link acquisition and take advantage of our extensive database of more than 8,000 blogs in a wide range of verticals. The overall quality of each and every website has been measured using the most up-to-date metrics (PR, DA, IDX and MozRank).

Task management

Our task management tool is extremely easy to use. Retrieve your project with one click of a button and ensure that all corresponding messages are in one place.

Site Metrics

Automatic update of sites metrics

In order to choose the website you want to work with, you first need to know some key details. We have selected and filtered the most basic metrics of websites so you don't have to look for them or check them manually.

Add your notes to each website

Keeping records of every single website you have been in touch with for the purpose of link acquisition can be time consuming. For example, one particular webmaster may have refused to accept certain content or maybe the prices have changed for a certain number of posts. You can make a note of all of this in the site.

Flexible Filters

Filtering system

Our filtering system is unique yet simple to use and very practical when you need to select several parameters to find the right websites. It is also possible to save your filters so you don't have to configure them every time.

Easy system of filtering metrics

Our simple and easy to use filters enable you to search the full database, using tags, PR, Index, MozRank, DA and even price. There is also the option to filter by project - specifically the websites that were used for each project.

Additional Features

The ability to keep the database in-house

Over time you will build your own database of blogs and you may decide to add it to our system. This database will be available only for your company and authorised users.

A simple way to run tasks

Assigning tasks is simple. You simply select the websites you want to work with and click 'play'. All other parties will receive an automatic notification of the task, along with a list of websites that they should get in contact with.

Opportunity to create email templates

Depending on your needs and requirements you can create and save different email templates. This option is useful when you need to provide the same information to many different influencers and to send mass messages.

Possibility of sending messages from the system

Sending mail goes through our system, so you do not have to change the tabs every time from software to mail (or to switch between different mail accounts).

Mail Merge ability (sending mass messages using templates)

In most instances you'll need to send a template email to a targeted group of influencers that can potentially exceed 50 or more webmasters. Our email template option is perfect for doing just this - and you still have the option to personalise each message.

Simple report generation

Intelligent project reports detail all metrics information and blogs characteristics (e.g URL, Initial Price, Discounted Price, PR)

Auto notifications for problem posts

Our system contains a sophisticated Backlinks Auditor which works to check each and every website in our database, once every 2 weeks and monitors all the changes in a website's metrics.

Smart distribution of tasks

Depending on which user(s) uploaded a particular blog to the database, the system distributes the tasks amongst the relevant users.