About us

Our software is created to be user-friendly, targeted and result driven for large companies as well as for single users. Regular users and new clients alike will appreciate the sophisticated technology that makes this programme a first choice with many. So this year we are delighted to announce we are offering you something new.

Influenced has developed a software app innovative in its design and revolutionary in its functionality. This software will help companies, digital agencies and everyday webmasters to become even closer to influencers, allowing more people to get acquainted with their brands, products, services and special offers.

Every step of the process is completely automated supported by a user-friendly interface, helping you to work more closely and effectively with the influencers, increasing your visibility and generating more results. The Influenced team has been working on the development of this software for some time, using their professional experience in sourcing, qualifying and working with influencers, content marketing and blogger outreach. We have trialled and analysed many different tools but none of these came close to meeting our expectations. So we created our own!

From our research we have hand-picked the best options and features available and then added something new - something we felt was missing from every other offering on the market today. As a result our software has become unique; a product to suit every company looking for seamless technology delivering measurable results.

Your experience of our product and our customer service should always be a happy and positive one. Our professionals and software developers are there to help 24/7, answering any questions and resolving issues in super-quick time. Our team will also assist you in managing the software, guiding you through the functions and features with ease. From start to finish, we will be with you all the way.

Feel free to download/test/check it out now.